About Elissa Michaud

Elissa Michaud is a health recovery coach, certified holistic nutritionist, and co-author of two successive editions of "Healers Guide Los Angeles: The Best of Holistic Care."

Her areas of specialty includes fatigue related illness, performance and condition specific nutrition, metabolic health and the therapeutic use of food medicine; and she draws from both an Eastern and Western nutritional approach.

She specializes in facilitating metabolic healing testing methods to assess the myriad of biochemical reactions at a cellular level, gastrointestinal health, metal toxicity and neurotransmitter health, in order to uncover root cause and target recovery protocols.

Having owned and operated a nutrition store, Elissa has an intimate understanding of nutraceuticals, botanicals and performance supplementation. This knowledge is woven into tailored nutrition programs that may include recommendations of medicinal foods, food herbs and nutrient supplementation where appropriate.

As a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor with a background in energy medicine and feng shui, she helps her clients implement relaxation, therapeutic and body mind techniques to facilitate wellbeing, break patterns of addiction, reduce stress, improve personal environments and support shifts in lifestyle, mindset, awareness and consciousness. Yoga is her go to restorative and therapeutic practice for clients with fatigue related illness and Kundalini Yoga is specifically made to support the health of the nervous system, endocrine system, build awareness and a strong, healthy mindset.

Elissa has a background in Pranic Healing and has taught many students the subtle art of energy healing, having facilitated hundreds of healing sessions and clinics. Pranic Healing is a powerful and effective healing modality, unique in its techniques and applications. Ailment specific protocols and psychotherapy applications are its signature. For clients who wish to move beyond restrictive physical or emotional limitations to healing, she is able to provide additional support with this complementary therapy.




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