About Holisitic Nutrition

How do your holistic health and nutrition programs differ from other nutrition services?

Holistic health coaching and nutrition applies a whole person, body-mind approach to wellness. Diet and food choices are only one part of the equation.

Elissa's holistic nutrition programs – Real Solutions for Chronic Fatigue & Mystery Illness and Peak Performance Break Through -utilize various methods of assessment to uncover each underlying factor that stands in the way of optimal health and provide effective and proven solutions.

This requires a thorough investigation and solutions for each health goal. Factors include nutrient deficiencies, hormone imbalances, enzyme insufficiencies, digestive issues -absorption, utilization, excretion, microbial imbalances, environmental toxins, poor sleep, insulin resistance, parasites, bacterial, fungal and viral infections, ph/acidity. We also address work and home environment, exercise, lifestyle, stress and relationships.

Additionally, Elissa will be able to support your healing journey with botanical, nutraceutical, lifestyle, and mindset recommendations, yoga, breathwork, meditation and pranic energy healing.


What is unique about the diet and nutrition aspect of these programs?

Food is the most incredible medicine if you know what to do. Foods are selected specifically for each client based on your health needs, goals and constitution; and based on their ability to target and deliver results.

The dated approach to nutrition that focuses on weight loss, calorie counting and ratios and good vs. bad is replaced by a tailored approach that meets your unique metabolic requirements and lifestyle. We maximize nutrient intake while increasing your body ́s absorption efficiency and the body ́s ability to utilize nutrients at the cellular level. We use nutrition and meal timing to decrease insulin resistance, positively influence hormone levels and increase the metabolic rate. The quantity and quality of living food and the various co-factors – healthy fats, salt, trace minerals, probiotics, enzyme levels and vitamins - are assessed for the individual needs and optimized.


How will a holistic health and nutrition program help me to get back on track?

Ultimately you are your own best healer, but during the course of life it is easy to become sidetracked by illness, stress, fast paced schedules and unsupportive habits, and consequently loose touch with our inner guidance.

When the body ́s chemical balance and hormones are disrupted due to stress or illness it causes the body, nervous system and brain to respond in a chaotic way and become stuck in an unhealthy pattern. You become disconnected from your intuition and it is nearly impossible to interpret the signals through the chaos. This makes it hard to consciously "tune in" to what your body-mind requires in that moment.

You will be guided to implement simple shifts in order to bring the body’s chemical balance – insulin, cortisol, neurotransmitters and cellular communication -back online gently and efficiently. You can reclaim your intuitive capacity and the ability to listen so that you will be able to move forward and make the best choices at all times. The valuable skills and knowledge learned and implemented stay with you for life.


What happens during the initial discovery call?

During the initial 15 minute consultation we identify your health goals and both decide if we would like to work together as coach and client.

Some examples might be: sports/performance nutrition; support for the body to heal from a mystery illness or chronic illness like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, candida or lyme disease; recovery after long term stress or chronic fatigue, from multiple chemical sensitivities, environmental or food allergies; special support for time of life such as pre and post natal care, peri and menopause, senior ́s changing health requirements; or major dietary overhauls as in the transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet.


What do I need to do to get started with a holistic health and nutrition coaching program?

First, you must make a committment to yourself to achieve the highest quality of life and health in this moment. Then, schedule your discovery call. We will meet by phone and choose the right plan for you: Real Solutions for Chronic Fatigue and Mystery Illness for health recovery or the Peak Performance Break Through Program to upgrade your current operating system to maximum efficiency!





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