By Elissa Michaud, Health Recovery Coach, Certified Nutritionist


Pumpkin seeds, oysters, lamb and spinach are all high in zinc!

Aside from zinc being an important nutrient for immune system, hormones and a myriad of other functions, people who have adrenal fatigue or those on vegetarian and vegan diets frequently experience copper zinc imbalance with copper being excessively high and/or unusable due to problems with the copper transporter proteins.

Low transporter proteins are often experienced with reduced adrenal output. This causes copper to circulate in the blood stream which will then accumulate in the liver, brain and reproductive system leading to dysfunction and other symptoms

Increasing foods that are high in zinc in relation to copper helps the body excrete excess copper by binding to it. They are antagonistic to each other. Some symptoms of excess or unused copper are anxiety, depression, fatigue, hypothyroid, headaches, nausea and insomnia.

By using functional diagnostic testing I help my clients assess copper imbalance  and dozens of other nutrient and metabolic imbalances.  This enables me to be able to create targeted health and nutrition protocols to restore balance.

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