Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Energy Healing

By Elissa Michaud

A common symptom experienced by people with chronic fatigue is a difficulty or inability to exercise or exert the body, even moderately for short or prolonged periods of time.  In most cases exertion is followed with post exertion fatigue that lasts far beyond a normal exercise recovery time. This is one of the hallmark signs of chronic fatigue.  Any attempts to perform “regular” exercise will result in a further downward spiral. 

When nothing is done to change the course of fatigue syndromes,  the inability to exercise can  progressively worsen.  The lack of movement eventually leads to problems with the circulatory and lymphatic systems and the further deterioration to the body-mind that arises as a result of inactivity.  Deconditioning is common and it is a difficult cycle to overcome.  The right amount of exercise at the right time is critical to recovery.  Too much too soon will further deplete energy and not enough will worsen the condition. 

One of the key recovery tools I introduce clients to in my health coaching programs is yoga. Yoga is unique in the world of rehabilitation because it works on the physical body and the bio-energy body at the same time.  There are many styles of yoga and a couple in particular happen to be powerfully restorative and therapeutic.  Kundalini Yoga is most suitable for those with fatigue and specifically designed to restore health and communication of the nervous and endocrine system.  Most, if not all people experiencing chronic fatigue and mystery illness have moderate to severe symptoms of disregulation and weakness of the nervous system and glands.  Even the most physically or energetically challenged clients are able to practice. A colleague of mine went through the entire teacher training program partially paralized and became a certified teacher, continuing on to heal her paralysis!  That's how user friendly it is.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to improve the energy of the physical body is to address what is going on in the bio-energetic body as the two are interconnected. We are able to positively influence and dramatically increase the rate of recovery by using the physical and  energetic practice of yoga. Meditations are an excellent tool to balance the mind and emotions and provide numerous physical and mental benefits and enliven spirit and our intuitive capacity. Together with postures and breath in a complete practice provide a therapeutic approach to stress.  Stress is a major contributing player in the development of chronic illness, and thwarts the body ability to heal.   It's especially important for people who experience chronic fatigue and mystery illness to be able to reduce stress levels.   Yoga helps support and restore circadian rhythms thereby increasing energy during the day and supporting deep and restorative sleep at night.

Breath is life force and also vital energy or prana.  Breath is both a physical thing, we breathe H20 in  - we know that it exists because scientists developed a way to measure it, even though you cannot see it with your physical eyes;  and we exhale the equally invisible CO2. The energy counterpart of this breath  - prana -  vitalizes both the physical body and the energy body.  By working with the breath it is possible to influence levels of vitality and as the prana flows through the energetic anatomy it affects the nervous system, thereby making it possible to produce a calm and centered state of mind, or an energized, sharp alert mind depending on type of breath practiced.  It also works on a subtle level with the endocrine glands, supporting their health and performance.

I really enjoy seeing the  powerful benefits of this practice when included in client's health recovery program. There are thousands of exercise sets, meditations and pranayam that are condition or goal specific an for a laser targeted approach, it's best to practice those that are best suited for your particular health issues and goals.  


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