Mastering The Master Hormones

Mastering The Master Hormones

There are four hormones that are essential to life. They are insulin, cortisol, aldosterone and parathyroid. Your physical and psychological health is impacted by fluctuations of these hormones.

This first class of the Master Hormone series focuses on ways to balance and restore healthy levels of cortisol and insulin.

Chronically elevated cortisol and long term stress can lead to weight gain, reduced immune function, fertility problems and chronic disease and our Western lifestyle sets the stage for chronically elevated cortisol, and later for insufficiency.  Many if not all, chronically fatigued or chronically ill persons are affected by insulin resistance.

Symptoms include hypoglycemia, muffin top, sugar cravings, anxiety, depression, insomnia, lethargy/fatigue, thyroid problems and often progress to conditions such as metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes and chronic fatigue.

Mastering The Master Hormones teaches you the simple lifestyle shifts you can make starting today that will help you to BREAK THE CYCLE of imbalance  and allow you to:

  •  regain control over your health
  •  balance cortisol and insulin levels
  • improve insulin sensitivity
  • balance the HPA (glandular stress response) axis
  • gently bring your body out of stress
  • activate your parasympathetic nervous system
  • stabilize blood sugar
  • eliminate cravings
  • improve cellular health and metabolism
  • dramatically increase energy
  • eliminate mid-afternoon crashes
  • say goodbye to roller coaster energy levels
  • improve quality and quantity of sleep

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