Post Concussion Nutrition

One of the most debilitating symptoms experienced by most women and men post concussion is ongoing or unresolved fatigue.

The brain is the most nutrient + energy dependent organ in the body. ...AND the most vulnerable to stress

Following concussion, you must feed it with the right nutrients to maintain energy and to reduce stress. The right nutrients are crucial for quick recovery and to minimize symptoms.

During this one hour class you I will share some of the most important tips to help recover from post concussion symptoms.

You'll be able to apply these easy and affordable solutions immediately to support your recovery. You will learn:

  • Key nutrition practices to support brain health and recovery
  • Why DHA and EPA are critical to your recovery
  • The best sources of omega 3 fatty acids the best way to approach supplementation
  • The good, the bad and the ugly about Omega 6's
  • How inflammation affects your recovery and how to put out the fire
  • What you need to know about protein and carbohydrates
  • The number one thing that will improve cellular neurotransmission
  • How to improve the health of your neurons
  • Glucose requirements post concussion and what to do to optimize blood sugar levels
  • How to increase oxygen levels in your brain by up to 28%
  • The 5 pillars that will support your recovery

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